Bull Facts
Sire: Meriville Peerless
PTA: +869m +11f +23p +186NM$ (11/03)
191 dau avg 17,719m 3.5 621f 3.1 542p

Dam: Cate's Rebel Tangerine 2EX 93%
2-04 305d 15,080m 3.7 562f 3.4 509p
3-07 305d 20,140m 4.0 811f 3.3 659p
5-07 305d 20,120m 4.1 828f 3.2 639p
Twice All American
Two Time PA All American Dairy Show Grand Champion Cow

Color: Light Roan

Parent Average +515m +6f +117NM$ PAT +.2

Birth Date: May 21, 2002
Reg #: 455926
NAAB#: 138MS2850
aAa# 456132

Sire Stack: Peerless X Rebel X Elwood
Titan offers the best of both milk and type. World class production through his sire Meriville Peerless and Extraordinary show type from his dam Tangerine. Titan is a fancy made bull with a wet pedigree.
Shipping $75 UPS Anywhere in the U.S.
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